Arabian Nights Cabin

Arabian Nights Cabin -Hot Tub & Pond!
TN Honeymoon Cabin
on the Hiking & Horse Trails of BSF
Romantic One Bedroom Log Cabin for Couples

Cabin by pond
Full kitchen
Hot tub
Reading Nook by Fire

What to do around Arabian Nights Cabin? The cozy honeymoon cabin with hot tub is a destination itself, overlooking the pond full of bullfrogs. Sunsets paint the sky from the dining booth or screened porch. You'll hear the frogs and the clip clop of horses as they pass by on the trail. (One horse trailhead is on the corner of the property, while the Yellowcliff Trailhead is a quarter mile away.) You won't hear much else - certainly no city noises! Many people will bring their groceries and never leave the cabin, just as they do at Hot Springs Log Cabins.
Hiking is a favorite activity and dogs are welcome of course although you will want to supervise them very closely if you encounter horses on the trail. There is also a winery and a fascinating train ride, and of course rafting, canoeing, and kayaking.
Have your own horses? We have a two stall barn, tack room, and a half acre fenced paddock for them!

To plan your stay in the Big South Fork area:

National Geographic Topographic Trails Illustrated Map #241 (Big South Fork) - Excellent map of the area horse and hiking trails. Order one ahead of time to plan, or pick one up at the Bandy Creek Visitors Center or the grocery store (Hitchin Post) at the Cumberland Valley Trailhead. The Yellowcliff Trailhead is on Oby Blevins Rd near the cabin - ride it out and Salt Pine Trail back. Or take the connector trail at the end of the gravel road behind the cabin over to The Cumberland Valley Trailhead. Or if you want to save your horses for the big ride it is an easy trailer ride over to The Cumberland Valley Trailhead or Bandy Creek. From the CVT you can do a beautiful loop that takes you on the old O&W railbed along the river...

NPS's new Downloadable Trail Maps of BSF -Map 6 covers the area closest to Arabian Nights. The trail behind the cabin leads to the Cumberland Traihead. About 1/4 miles down Oby Bevins is the new YellowCliff Traihead that leads towards Charit Creek Lodge. The Arabian Nights Cabin is located on Oby Blevins Rd (sometimes spelled "Obey") just off TN-297/Leatherwood Ford Rd, just to the West of BSF, near the Bandy Creek Visitor Center in the center of the park.

Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area -National Park Service site for Big South Fork.

Hiking at Big South Fork -Sandstone bluffs, arches, rock formations, waterfalls, creeks, streams, and the Big South Fork River Gorge all await your exploration.

Overview of Horseback Riding Trails at Big South Fork -NPS page with links to several trail maps of the area. Check this page out for lots of info!!!!!!

Click here: Popular Horse Trails in BSF

Click here: Popular Mountain Biking Routes in BSF

Borderland Expeditions- Kayak and Mountain Biking trips in the Big South Fork, as well as kayak and bike rentals. 1-844-344-2109.

Sheltowee Trace Outfitters -Rafting, kayaking, and canoeing in Big South Fork. 1-800-541-7238.

Trail Guide Services with Pam Weston-
Text or call 269-998-3495 (cell) or her landline in TN 931 879 1374 or Email:
Please contact Pam ahead of time if you would like her to show you the trails of Big South Fork. She can meet you at the cabin and head out on the trails directly with your horses!!! Or given sufficient advance notice, Pam can arrange to lease horses for you and give you an introduction to the area trails! A lovely person and a great way to introduce yourself to Big South Fork or explore new trails that she can share with you.

Guided Trail Rides with Cedar Creek Cattle Company -If you don't have a horse of your own and would like to go for a trail ride please contact these folks. Very nice reviews from our guests!

Southeast Pack Trips - Just around the corner from the cabin, these folks offer horseback rides on gaited horses.

Highlands Manor Winery -Local Winery offering tastings and tours.

Big South Fork Scenic Railway -Depart the "company town" of Stearns, KY, for an informative ride into the the region's coal mining past. Fascinating museum too!

The Historic Victorian town of Rugby -A lovely day trip to a unique little town. -Lots of local links. -Lots of local links.

Real Estate: Looking for real estate in the Big South Fork area?

Jill Houston

Riders Realty, LLC
3502 Pickett State Park Hwy.
Jamestown, TN 38556

Office: 931-879-7911
Cell: 931-397-9876
Fax 931-879-7907 or


The Hitchin Post General Store at The Cumberland Valley Trailhead Turn left onto 297 as if heading to Oneida, about 3 miles from cabin.
Basic groceries and beer available, maybe wine too. Also stocks the National Geographic map (#241) of Big South Fork. They say their beer is colder than your ex's heart...

Wildwood Grocery (nearest gas/diesel) - Right on 297, then left onto 154 as if going to Jamestown, about 8 miles from cabin. Small grocery, deli, pizza.

Walmart/Tractor Supply: in both Jamestown & Oneida for supplies & groceries.

Oneida’s TSC and Walmart (has beer) are both extremely well-stocked and you have three nice restaurants to choose from.  Plus, the drive thru the gorge is “gorge”ous!


Bacara's Family Restaurant - near cabin at the junction of 297 (Leatherwood Ford) and 154 (turn right onto 297 as if heading into Jamestown)
Very nice home style cooking open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Bring your own bottle of wine if you wish. 931-879-7121 for reservations.
On Sundays from 11-3 (Eastern time) they offer a lovely Sunday Brunch!!! 931-879-7121 (Call ahead to verify hours as they are subject to change.)

IN JAMESTOWN (all near the TSC in Central Time):

Garcia's Cosina Mexicana 315 N Main St 931-752-8911

Peking Chinese Restaurant 405 N Main St 931-879-0888

Garden Grill Restaurant 331 N Main St 931-879-2344 Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner offered every day except Sunday. Southern Cookin'.

IN ONEIDA (all near the Walmart and TSC in Eastern Time):

Element Asia 18668 Alberta St 423-286-7585 Wok, Hibachi, Sushi, Thai, Beer - Excellent!!!

El Rey Azteca 19816 Alberta St 423-286-6100 Yummy Fresh Mexican! Frosty Dos Equis!

Preston's Steakhouse 19787 Alberta St 423-569-4158 Impressive Rustic Decor! BYOB.


Attention Time Zones:

Jamestown is on Central time as is The Arabian Nights cabin.

Oneida is on Eastern time.


Arabian Nights Cabin - The romantic getaway cabin you have been looking for your honeymoon or your horses or both!
(Located on the horse trails of BSF between Jamestown & Oneida, TN, in Fentress County-the trail riding captial of the South East.)